Where are all the workers?

It seems this is the major question that people have now-a-days. Every store has "help wanted", airports are swamped as they don't have enough people for security, restaurants are closing as they have no staff, a quick look at high tech companies on Linkdin shows they have hundreds of openings. Inflation is through the roof, … Continue reading Where are all the workers?

Wrench Thrown into Retirement?

As I mentioned in my last post, I officially retired last Nov after 36 years. My pension was max'd out and all penalties were off of me. By not retiring, I was working for about 55k per year. In other words, my salary minus what I would get for a pension left me with 55k. … Continue reading Wrench Thrown into Retirement?

No Rants

I'm currently in Bermuda facing amazing weather and wonderful scenery and with great people.   So nothing to rant about 🙂    So just dropping by here to let everyone know that I will be posting lots of photos over on the other blog of my happenings in Bermuda.   Be sure to check it … Continue reading No Rants