I Must Suck?

I must suck or either the game is rigged.   You be the judge I guess.

I love to play computer games.   I come and go from them.  I’ve done World of Warcraft, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Civilization etc etc… and I will openly admit,  I’ve never been a great player at any of them.   Doesn’t matter what I play, I’m medium at best.  I have never found a game that I completely dominate. It can be first person shooter, roll play, strategy, whatever.   Normally I suck.

I can kinda say the same thing about everything I do in my life.  I am really good at my job but everything else, I’m medium at best – lol.  Never great at sports, although for a little bit I was pretty good at curling, not a great programmer, a decent marksmen but nothing special, R/C racing was hard, I’m not a bad photographer but not one of the greats, and I could go on and on.  50 years old and I’m still looking for that thing that I’m good at.

For the past few years I have been play World of Tanks on and off.  It’s normally a fun game.  You hit random battle and the game put’s two teams against each other with 15 people on each side that are of fairly equal value.  The games only last 15 minutes at most, usually much less, so it’s a great way to unwind without serious commitment if your short on time.   And the reason I’m on and off is to me, the fucking game is a bunch of cheating.  Both by the owners of the game and the players (through illegal modifications).  Over the past 3 or so years I’ve been playing, I have been about a 50.9% player according to the stats.   That means I win almost 51% of my games.  Thus, medium.  And that is averaged out over the 3 years.

But then you get days like today.  I played 13 games in a couple of hours and I got 3 wins or 23.1% win rate.  But look even closer.  I fired 93 shots in those games, that hit 77 targets (not bad) but only 47 of them actually penetrated the target.  What the fuck? That’s a 61% penetration rate with tanks that have great penetration stats and I know where to hit a tank to kill it.  But the RNG (number generator) is fucking me over.

But lets get back to the win rate first.   I’m a 51% player being put into random matches.   It stands to reason that 50% of the time I will get a good team or a bad team.   Now take a coin and toss it 13 times.   Tell me how often you get 3 heads or 3 tails out of 13.  FUCKING NEVER!  If the matching making is random then you should always come out 50% over even a short period of time.  Over the long period of time I will get my 50/50 but why do we get these massive loss rates and then a few days later I will win 10 out of 13 games.   I haven’t changed.  My tanks haven’t changed and it’s still “random”.   It’s bullshit is what it is and it seems to happen mostly on the weekends when the pro players are playing.   For some reason, in 50/50 random games they have win stats of over 60 or 65%.  No matter how good you are, in a random game, over time you should be within a few points of 50%.  How does that work?  I’ll tell you how it works, it’s Wargaming (the company that owns WOT) giving preferential treatment to the top clans and people who stream on Youtube and do everything they can to sell Wargamings premium tanks.   That’s what I think is going on and screw the little guys.

And I can go on and on about the change in mechanics of the game over the years to reward those who buy tanks (and I am one of them and guess what, my pay tanks have better stats then the ones I worked my ass off to get – so that gets rather depressing).  Now I sit in a tier VIII and get one shotted by a premium tank so some stat padder can get his numbers thanks to cheating match making.   It’s this kind of shit that makes me want to rage quit all the time.  They have had to disable chat so you can’t talk to the opposing team, because of the players raging so now everyone rages at their own team.    I have been known to disable chat because I get so mad.

So what to do?  Give up gaming since I suck anyhow?  Give up just this game?

I heard a rumour that apparently I’m not half bad of a photographer, maybe I should give that a go instead.   LOL


One thought on “I Must Suck?

  1. Sounds like me playing Day of Defeat. Somehow guys with twice the ping latency seem to be twice as fast as me on the best of days.


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