Wordpress and BlueVM

How did all this get started?  I hate winter, I don’t enjoy the cold so I spend my time indoors for the long winter months.  There is only so much TV you can watch and computer games to play so I start to experiment.   Some years it’s with my Ham Radio gear, others it’s camera gear and on and on.   This year was to be the camera year.  I bought a lovely new Fuji X100F and have been having a ball with it.  But ever since I got it the weather has been CRAP!  Either gray and overcast or to friggin cold to get out.   There are only so many pictures of cats and dogs that I can post before even I get bored.

I work in an office full of young little computer geeks and I have to say, I’m really starting to feel like the old guy.  Most of these “kids” are my sons age, even my boss is more than a decade younger then I am.  Part of me feels that technology is starting to pass me by.  Over the years I have worked with Unix, Linux, Macs and Windows.  I have programmed onn TRS80, TI 99/4A, Apple IIe, shell, bash, Perl, C+ and a few others.  I’ve never been great at them, like everything else in my life (see my last post – lol) but have always felt that I learn quickly and have a well rounded technical knowledge spanning across computers, radios and science.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Linux.   Each time I play with it I get excited and think, “it’s just a matter of time before Linux takes over the world”.  But each time it continues to fall a bit flat.   I have a Linux media box (Ubuntu) in my house but I’m always hesitant to play with it cause I don’t want to screw it up and have to rebuild all my tools.  Getting some of those media tools was a pain and if that server goes down the entire house will start screaming.

VPS’s are now dirt cheap.  For 12 bucks per year (16 Canadian) you can get a VPS with any various Linux builds.  BlueVM is where you get it.   They don’t have much of an online rating but heck I can’t even go to the movies for 16 bucks so what do I have to lose?   So I ordered one up for something to play with on a cold winter afternoon.

I messed around for a while, put a graphical interface on it, played with MOBI Xterm to play with all the options.  Fucked up the configuration up several times – just go to the bluevm website and reset the VPS back to scratch and start again.   Within a few hours I was feeling pretty comfortable with the whole thing.   But now WTF should I do with it?

I thought about using it for photo backup, but the server is not backed up (that costs more) and if I rebuild it, gone!   Thought about using it as a place to upload media content for when I travel, but I can do that with my google drive.   One of my friends is already hosting a ventrilo server for our gaming comms …. so what to do?   I started looking at apache and I came across an article that details installing WordPress onto a VPS.    hmmmm, I’ve been playing with WordPress and have been happy with my other blog, although the Canadian Loon is being hosted on the actual WordPress site.  So what is involved with setting up a wordpress blog on my own VPS?

Started my research and came across this wonderful tutorial.  I followed it to the letter and within 30 minutes I had the WordPress frontpage on my screen.  It was to easy and I understood what I did.   Alright!   Lets throw up another blog (like I don’t have enough all ready).  Unlike the wordpress site I have had to learn all about plugin’s, widgets and configuration.   Cool, I’m learning again.   Off to no-ip.org to get myself a free domain name and now I have a blog that is away from the photo site and one where I can say whatever the heck I want.  When I moved the Canadian Loon off of blogspot to WordPress I found that it made the site look so good that I’m hesitant to use it for bitching, geeking out or talking  about life.   It has become a pure photography site.   But here I don’t feel obligated to post high end pictures, worry about my grammar or spelling.   You don’t like it, or my attitude, don’t read 🙂

There is no backup of this site (next problem I need to sort out), the domain could disappear at any moment cause it’s free and about a billion other things that could go wrong, heck for 16 bucks how good is the hardware or the stability of the company?  If I disappear, don’t worry about it.  I’ll be back 🙂

Irritation of the day.  Over on the Canadian Loon blog, I’ve gotten almost 1800 page views in the past week.   A few places linked my site to a few of the Fuji sites.  I was ecstatic to have that much traffic.  But then I thought about it, 1800 views but only 1 comment (from a friend) and 2 like clicks.   WTF?  Do they not like it, not care or has the attention span of this generation that bad that no one made it too the bottom of the page?  If anyone gets this far in this post let me know.  I can be long winded but damn!  🙂

Never stop learning people.  For 16 bucks I’ve learned how to make entire new webpages!  🙂  What did you learn this weekend?


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