I’m So Hungry!!!

I’m friggin starving to death.  Whole foods suck!  Boxed foods yummy!

This past year I hit the big five oh!  Yup, 50 years old.   For the past 15 years or so, I have hovered around that 200 lb mark and a blood pressure that’s in the higher end of the medium zone.   I get the evil eye from the doc (well 5 years ago when I was last there – ya ya I know) and get told to watch it.  I have always kept that 200 mark as my line in the sand.   As long as I’m healthy “thou shall not cross that line.”   This past winter I passed it and got pretty close to the 205 line.  I got into the processed foods a bit too much.  Work has been insane for the past year and when I get home cooking a meal is just not something I want to do.   M&M’s to the rescue.   Their boxed food is heather then the crap at the regular store right?

The picture says it’s so 🙂    Ya bullshit.  Like anything in a box it will kill you over time.   But I have to admit the past few years I’ve been feeling more tired, a bit more achy, a bit slower in general.  The signs that I’m not as young as I wish I was.  Time to react.

Jen’s on a diet to work on her weight and I know I should be doing something.  I’m not a diet person.  Those who know me know that my palette is pretty limited.  I eat bland and very plain foods.  Anything that is green must have gone bad or it’s something that my food eats.  I love meat, potato and a vegetable (and gravy and bread – but that would be bad).   I don’t eat “foreign” foods, I get heart burn just looking at anything spicy.  Seriously, just walking to the old Chilli Chilli’s in Navan would give me heartburn.   Thus my options are limited.  Being a fussy eater really sucks.  And anyhow who says “just try it” is full of shit.  You don’t start liking something you despise cause you eat it more often.  The fact is I hate the sight and smell of most peoples food.  Don’t ask me why, I have no fricking idea why.  (ask me about peanut butter, mustard and mayonnaise some day)

I started by dropping the chips and crackers.  Every night after supper I love to have a handful (or 10) of chips – low salt version of course or premium crackers.   Not to mention hickory sticks mmmmmmm.   It’s been over 2 weeks now since I have had a junk snack.   This past week I got out and did a proper food run and Sunday I made a brisket with lovely beans – and I made enough for a few days worth of lunches – and tonight was pork chops with fries (small slip there but had to clean out the freezer you know).   Back eating real meat and a few things that look more healthy then I have been eating.  Breads and gravies are now down to minimum amounts 😦

By doing just that little bit, I’m down to 197 in just a couple of weeks.  But also no major exercise yet, cause it’s to stupid to get outside (snow storm as I type this) and I’m just starting to eat “better”.   I know it’s still not major healthy but I’m ok with that.   As long as your activity matches your intake then your doing ok.

But damn I would kill for a potato chip (or a bag) right now.


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