Facebook, the necessary evil?

FB is the thing I love to hate.   I hate it so bad, but it’s a part of my on-line life and I can’t seem to get out.

What do I hate about it?  Well;

  • FB has an algorithm and it decides what I should be seeing from my friends, regardless if you do recent or top stories you don’t see everything.  You’d have to click on each person’s profile to see it all.  All I want is to see a time chronology of what people are saying,
  • Ever notice the differences in your feed between computers and mobile devices?  Holy shit, not even close to being the same, I see stuff on my phone that I have never seen on my computer.  Has the page become more geared to mobile devices?  I’m old with bad eyesight, I like my 27″ monitors!
  • Seeing what other people click like on.  I don’t fucking care, let me turn that off.  Currently you have to go profile by profile to do it.
  • People being able to see what I click “like” on, fuck off that’s just creepy!
  • Sponsored posts that FB thinks I might like to see – really?  Fortunately my ad-blocker takes care of most of this.

And then there are the people, and we all have these people;

  • The “I must post 30 times per day of everything going on in my life.”  If you hide them then they contact you direct to see why your not commenting – “is everything ok??”.
  • Those same people never ever have any comments for anything you post, they are so self centered.  Post but never read except all the comments that love and agree with whatever they were going on about.  And god forbid if you openly disagree with them.  Comment removed, user blocked etc etc…. Yes your shit does smell like roses.
  • Those same people also love to delete people through the year cause “their cleaning up their friends list to only be the true friends.  Thank you – bye bye good luck!   But then they turn around and re-add you the second they see you comment on anyone else that they also have as a friend.  Make up your mind!
  • The lurker.  That person who comments in the office on Monday about how great your post/image was yet never clicks like or leaves a comment.   Never post themselves. You know who you are!


  • The political right.  These past 6 months of Trudeau bashing and Trump loving/bashing has me completely ready to delete my account (oh ya, I forgot you can’t completely delete your account, they save it for you)
  • The “OMG this is the cutest thing ever” – yet has been viral for 3 years and your just seeing it?
  • If you forward this you could win millions – you really believe that shit?
  • Thank god for snopes, anyone can publish anything they want now and call it fact. hmmmm, I should make a news blog….someone will believe me.
  • and this is my favourite, I routinely link blog posts to FB as I prefer to write here. Old school I guess, but the other day I posted a link to my blog with a pile of photos.   The post received over 30 likes on FB.   Wanna guess how many hits the post had on wordpress?  15.  So half the people who clicked “like” or “love” are full of shit, they never clicked the link or checked out the photos.  Just hit “like” and moved on.


So why do I keep FB?

  • Never before have we been able to maintain friends through time.  I have people who I still talk to because of FB.  Without it time would have moved on and they would have been out of our lives.   FB really has made the world smaller.
  • I have made many new photography “friends” who I will never meet in person (although you never know) but have great conversations with them over mutual interests.
  • A great venue to showcase really interesting things.   Photos, jewelry, drawing, building, reno’s, travel, family events, something cool, etc.  If you have to post how many times you poop a day then you really need to get out and do something with your life.
  • I like the various groups – for me it’s photo groups or old ex-military groups.   But given enough time the comment Nazi’s come in and take over and that is the end of that.

Alternatives?  Yup, lots of them but I have yet to get people to move to them.  G+ is brilliant but Zuckerberg has the world in his hand, no one has been able to crack his monopoly.  If google couldn’t do it who else would even attempt it?  Twitter is even worse, I can’t figure that platform out at all.   I like instagram but it’s really only for photosharing.  Same with flickr and 500pix, not designed to be a social platform.   But regardless of what is out there, everyone is on FB.

Thus I’m stuck.  I rant here cause I hate doing it on FB, this is my social media I guess.  But almost no one reads any of this so it’s just me venting  to myself and to the odd stranger who trips across this blog and actually reads it – lol

For me FB is a necessary evil that I allow into my daily life.  At the very least it definitely makes me feel somewhat superior when I read half the stuff on there but the palm of my hand is constantly slapping my forehead over the amount of stupidity being displayed.



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