A Glitch in the Matrix?

Or did I shift universes?

Arrived at work this morning like every other morning for the past 2 years.   Got to the turnstiles and looked at the keypad, entered my code and BEEEEP.   Nothing.   Tried again…BEEEEP.    WTF?

I swear I used the exact same code as yesterday and every day for the past 2 years.  Even that pattern feels right to the muscle memory of pressing those buttons every single day.  Nope, won’t let me in.   The guard let me in (cause everyone knows me) and I spend 3 hours thinking about my code, I’m convinced I have it right.   I go back down and try again – nope.   Off to security to get my code fixed.   They check the system and give me the number, no way that was my number.  I go to the keypad and press it in.  It works but the even the hand movement feels wrong.   I spend the ENTIRE day thinking about this unfamiliar 4 digit number into my head.

I spend the day completely perplexed.   I’m clutsy all day spilling coffee, dropping things and being forgetful.   I go back to my desk with a thought of something I need to do, get distracted by something for 2 seconds and then it takes me 20 minutes to remember what the heck I wanted to do in the first place.

I’ve looked around for anything else out of the ordinary, new friends?   People I don’t know who know me?  So far nothing new.  Whatever it was. it was either a small glitch or a shift to a very similar universe.


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