Movie Review – Silence

and that was my reaction at the end.

(no spoilers)

I make it no secret that I’m a fan of Martin Scorsese.    I love his cinematography (2nd only to Michael Mann), the long pregnant silences and the thought provoking message that always leaves me wanting more.

Silence, the movie that Scorsese always wanted to make.  Although I do believe he has said that about other movies.  I wanted to like this one so much but I just can’t.   The filming is beautiful, the actors are wonderful, the story is a great concept but then he just blows the ending.  Two hours and 30 minutes leading up to what I thought would be the pivotal moment and then 10 minutes of “oh, guess I better finish this movie”.   Nothing left me hanging or with deep internal feelings about a segment of the movie.

I figured that  a movie about 17th century missionaries traveling to Japan would result in deep resentment against christianity and Catholicism or it would show the cruelty of the Japanese regime.   It kinda did both but showed them both as bad but as something that was understandable and accepted for the 1640’s.   I came away accepting both points of view, the Japanese for being a Buddhist and totalitarian state and not wanting Christianity taking over their surf and lord culture and the Christian padre’s, played wonderfully by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, honestly believing they were doing good and in many ways they were giving people hope and diving deep into their own beliefs.

Because Scorsese stayed away from controversy (a first for him?) I was left feeling that this could have been a great 1 hour documentary instead of a near 3 hour yawn fest.  A shame.

I know I will watch it again, cause I’m a sucker like that and always ask myself if I missed something important, but I’m afraid the ending will still be met with Silence and disappointment.  Opportunity missed Mr Scorsese.  But for some great acting and if you love cinematography the way I do, that much is worth the price of admission.  But that is the photographer in me.


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