Spring has finally found us here in the Ottawa region and now suddenly it seems like everything is a rush to get so many chores done that have been sitting all winter.  Spring is so short here that I try and get everything done before summer hits.

For those who have never been to Ottawa, summers here are very humid and hot making outdoor chores next to impossible.  Well, my belief is that we have made it that way by living in air conditioning all the time.  My house has AC, my office has AC so once I step outside it feels gross.   I need to sleep so I keep the AC on.   Ironically about 7 years ago I lived in a house without AC and I commented all summer about how it was the coolest I had seen in years.   Everyone around me kept saying it was one of the hottest on record.   In other words because I wasn’t living in AC I got used to it and it wasn’t all that bad.   But no one wants to suffer through with that AC blasting away.


But back to reality, it’s Easter weekend, the sun is shining and I gotta shopping list for Canadian Tire and a list of shit to get done!   Jen and Erin are leaving on Sunday for a week to a chalet in Quebec to get a break from life leaving me at home with the critters.   I decided to take the week of as well given it’s a short one thanks to me getting Easter Monday off.   I have to go to work on Friday for something I committed to long ago but I have around 11 days off with only taking 3 days vacation – woot!   In between some gaming I would like to; take the snow tires off the car, wash the exterior windows of the house, trim all the lower branches on the trees around the yard, remove another hedge, burn a good portion of the hedge from last year, dig out the lawn furniture, oil change the lawn tractor, store the snowblower, remove 2 cedar trees, paint the two front doors, paint the water catches, go to the VW dealer to test drive cars, put up a 30 foot tower, build my quad antenna and install…..anyhow you get the point.   I have way more shit to do then my week off can handle.   And that is assuming we get good weather 🙂


Yesterday I jumped in with a couple of friends and headed down to Gananoque to start getting their boat ready to go overboard.   The ice is out of the St Lawrence and the season is about to start.  Only took a couple of hours to get the mashmellow coating off and canvas up.  Will go back down in a week or two and help him get the hull cleaned up and ready.   But it was so nice to be outside in short-sleeves getting some work done.


Beyond that not much has been happening in my life, thus no loon calls.  Work, sleep, gaming, repeat.   It’s strange not having the big dog in my life and I have to continually resist the urge to run out and get another dog.   I need to take the time and figure out what my next dog will be, another rescue or will I go the puppy/proper training route next time.  I’ve done both before and know the cons/pros of each.


The key of this ramble is that it’s spring!   The winter blahs are retreating from my mind.  Soon the tulips will be coming up and the colour will be returning to the world making it easier to get out with the camera.   Already the sun is coming up when I dig my butt out of bed in the morning, instead of being at work for 2 hours before the sun comes up.   Time to start working the camera and getting the chores done!  The tulip festival will be starting in Ottawa soon and that is always amazing to see.

What’s happening in other peoples lives?   Blowing that winter stink off yourselves?  The loon would like to know.



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