A Happy Story, for once

After we lost Jackson this past winter I wasn’t so sure if I wanted another dog or not.  But after a few months I found it kinda weird not having a big dog around the house.   I got it into my head that maybe I would go the puppy route, although I know the pain of that process.  I looked at Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Aussie Shepherds,  Goldies and then the mix’s, Bernidoodles, Goldendoodles etc etc…   But it just doesn’t feel right spending thousands on a puppy when there are so many rescues out there.


I keep hearing so many people saying “they are all old, they are all sick, they have behavioral issues, no one wants them” and on and on.   My experiences have been anything but.   Jackson came to us from Hopeful Hearts (now defunct) after being in 2 different homes.  The only thing “wrong” with him was that he was blind.   He was the most well behaved dog I had ever experienced.    Always smiled and gave only love.  He will be missed forever.   Wookiee, our little Shorkie came to us from Ottawa Dog Rescue and she is a gem.   Loves everyone and is a complete snuggle bug.   She was found in a snowbank in Northern Quebec in -20’s temps.


After a few months of watching the rescues along came a dog that caught our attention. Meet Lucky (the name he came with – we might change it), a 4 year old Golden Chow mix. It’s actually kinda eerie how he has so many of Jackson’s old mannerisms and even somewhat looks like him. He has spent the weekend with us and he is a perfect dog. How do these amazing dogs keep landing in rescues? He has an old soul, loves to hang out on the sofa, asks for hugs, loose leash walking, non-possessive and as gentle as a lamb. The weekend has extended to “for life”. All that is left is the paperwork later this week and the official word next weekend. He’s great with other dogs so all of our friends are welcome for play dates. Special thank you to “Animals in Need of a New Address” for working with us over the past few days. Obviously there will be many more photos to come.


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