The Canadian Loon

Anyone who has spent time in the bush knows that Loons talk and talk and talk.  Their cry is haunting but they are always calling out to others to tell a story.   That’s kinda what this site is, a place for me to give my call and tell stories.

My primarily blog “The Canadian Loon” has moved from my everyday blogging site to one that is mostly focused on photography.   Most of the subscribers what to see pictures and hear about camera stuff, not what I’m up to in my day to day life.  I’ve decided to split them in two.   The Canadian Loon for photos and here for my thoughts, bitches, ramblings etc …

Who am I?   Simply, a middle aged guy who is into a lot of different things.   Still work for a living but approaching my first retirement in a few years.  An enthusiast photographer (I’m told I’m not too bad but I’m still trying to convince myself of that).   A person who likes canoeing, camping but is also comfortable sitting in front of a computer for hours on end playing games or fucking with WordPress installations on a VPS – lol.    I love geeky stuff, sci-fi, fantasy, books but I’m a tech junkie.

Anyhow, follow along to my ramblings and you’ll see more about me over time.   Cheers!